Services Offered 

PBC is a modern boutique facility.  Dr. Cranton works one on one with each patient.  He is here to listen, assess and prescribe a care plan that will best suit your life and your wellness goals. 

Spinal Adjustment

Dr. Cranton offers a range of techniques suited to each individal. Thompson Drop, Diversified Technique and Activator to name a few.  Each patient has special concerns and needs. Dr. Peter can listen and develop a care plan that is right for you.



Other Services

  • SEMG and Thermal Scans, state of the art computer generated monitoring of your nevous system.
  • Footlevelers Custom ORTHOTICS (shoe inserts) and PILLOWS
  • Posture-Pro Analysis,  Computer generated postural assessments of stress in the spine.
  • COLD LASER - Safe, Effective, Painfree and Fast as Light!
  • WE ARE NOT A X-RAY FACILITY.  If X-Rays are necessary, emergency facilities are next door at Piedmont Care Center.
  • WE DO NOT HAVE MASSAGE.  We will be glad to recommend great spas in the area.